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Social information processing theory online dating

social information processing theory online dating

examines whether social information processing theory (sipt) is applicable to Japanese online dating interactions, and how and to what extent Japanese daters overcome the limitations of CMC through the use of contextual and other cues. Making friends w/ Michelle happened slower b/c most of it happened through FB, but she still became a friend Extended Time: Crucial Variable in CMC -In relationships like Michelle Andrews, Walther is convinced that the length of time CMC users have to send their message. CMC vs F2F the theory recognizes that the info we receive depends on the comm medium we're using.e. Anticipated future interaction. The e-mail experiment, time stamp varied randomly, study showed that replying more quickly yielded most positive impression Hyper-personal Perspective: Closer through CMC than in person -Walther uses the term hyperpersonal to label CMC relationships that are more intimate than if partners were physically together -we. When reading a text we only have the verbal behavior of the person who sent it *when someone doesn't text back, we read into that -on contrary, someone viewing an online dating profile will tend to over-attribute the info in the profile created idealized owner. The label 'social media' has been attached anonymous dating sivustot uk to a quickly growing number of Web sites whose content is primarily user-driven. DOI:.1089/cpb.2009.0069, farrer J, Gavin.

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Also, a study from Robert Tokunaga found that while social information processing theory holds true for people with high individualist values, the same could not be said for those with high collectivist values. However, online interpersonal relationship development may require more time to develop than traditional face-to-face (FtF) relationships. Getting a haircut someone liking a picture of it on FB Warranting Value of Info: What to trust? Available from, DOI:.1089/cpb.2009.0069, farrer, J ; Gavin, Jeffrey. In the early days, Zuckerburg writes a blog criticizing his ex-gf's bra size, one knows he probably wouldn't say those things F2F -Walther claimed CMC users can adapt to cue limited media use them effectively to develop close relationships *he argued give the opportunity for.

Extended Time Verbal Cues CMC users rely more heavily on verbal cues.e. Argue that the theory falls into the common sociology-pyschological ideology of determinism *if our interpersonal relationship are a product of the # of nonverbal cues afforded by the comm medium, are we free to choose how w/ whom we develop relationships. Even though Walther proposes that users of computer-mediated communication (CMC) have the same interpersonal needs met as those communicating face-to-face (FtF he proposes that the lack of visual cues inherent in CMC are disadvantages to be overcome over time. Using issue-based procedures for grounded theory analysis, we found strong support for sipt. Jews/Muslims Sender: Selective Self-Presentation -people online have an opportunity to make/sustain a positive impression, that's b/c they can write about most attractive traits, accomplishments w/o fear of contradiction from 3rd that knows their dark side -as a relationship develops they can edit the breadth/depth. These studies have found that, unlike email, communication comes from both the owner and other users of social media and viewers do not give these two opinions equal value. The theory suggest that F2F provides a mix of non-verbal verbal cue system that conveys emotions, while CMC is limited makes it appropriate for business nut not social relations -How much meaning (stimuli) can the channel carry? 8 examples (0.02 sec this study revealed a high level of skepticism in participants when it came to CMC. w/ these more/less defined impressions in mind, the interacting parties draw closer if they both like the image of the other they've formed -SIP focuses on the first link of the chain-personal info available through CMC its effect on the composite mental image of the.

Online dating in Japan: a test of social information processing theory. Says hyper-personal perspective not a theory (does this because some aspects still under research). Chronemics Anticipated Future Interaction -wasn't part of Walther's original conception of SIP but now sees it as a way of extending psychological time.e. On dating websites, Walther notes "selective self presentation process involved in how people put their profile together.