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Dating site codeigniter

dating site codeigniter

sure date helper is loaded, If not then load it simply christian cowboy online dating as below- Get Date Time, once the date helper is loaded you get current date and time as format "Y-m-d h:i A echo mdate(format / this will print. false this- db- group_end. If you want to force using between keyword on Codeigniter query helper. Codeigniter Date Time Demo?php defined basepath OR exit No direct script access allowed class Mydate extends CI_Controller function getCurrentDate format "Y-m-d h:i A echo mdate(format? Apart from codeigniter datetime we can also use native date functions to get the current datetime Example you can use now function to get the current time date. Try it if run the above example it will produce output something like this. Built with, sphinx using a theme provided by, read the Docs. This helper is loaded using the following code: Next, previous, copyright, British Columbia Institute of Technology. If(!empty(tglmin)!empty(tglmax) this- db- group_start between.tglmin. Works well on CI version.1.5.

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Get current date time with Date Format in Codeigniter?
Now let us go step by step to understand how date helper is used.

Hope its help someone. Date helper, advertisements, add Comment, read More). For More Details About Date Helper Functions Read. How to get current date time in codeigniter. The Date Helper file contains functions that help you work with dates. It is pretty simple quick to get the current time date in codeigniter. First load date helper in controller or autoload it in _autoload file, After loading this helper you will be able to access its methods defined for time date. You can use where without escape false like this code. Get current date time with Date Format in Codeigniter? Tags: CodeIgniter, MVC, PHP, Ubuntu.04. Now let us go step by step to understand how date helper is used. Codeigniter Date Time Demo.?php defined basepath OR exit No direct.