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resembled the Persian fire ceremony at the towns of Hyrocaesareia and Hypaepa. Smathers then asked regarding Cuban known missile sites. He felt perhaps 20 more could be secured promptly, but this would leave about 100 short, and this would involve extensive requisitioning. Each komar craft carries two homing missiles which have an effective range of 10 to 15 nm and carry 2000 pound HE warheads. Usaf Commander in Chief, Tactical Air Command Taylor, Maxwell., Gen. Been no change in the construction pace; you covered the Watch Committee report stating that Soviet armed forces were increasing their state of readiness; you described the Soviet ships en route to Cuba carrying helicopters, you covered the departure of a Cubana plane from Canada. Statement also calculated TO enable moscow TO claim full credit FOR protecting cuba IF NO invasion occurs. Warhead will probably yield 3-5 megatons. Secretary Ball throughout the conversation maintained the position that strike without warning was not acceptable and that we should not proceed without discussion kamerun dating sivustoja with Khrushchev. The few periods of acceptable weather were so fleeting that they had passed before flights could be mounted. Because neither the SS-N-1 nor the SS-C-1 has sufficient range to hit any target in the United States, such missiles would fit this policy pattern.

This would be true whether the action was limited to an effort to neutralize the XXX missiles, or these missiles plus airfields, surface-to-air missile sites, or cruise missile sites, or in fact an outright invasion designed to destroy the Castro regime. At seven o'clock on Thursday morning Donovan #till had no report. It was manned by trained bilingual interrogators from the armed services and CIA. The pattern of missile deployment appears calculated to achieve quick operational status and then to complete site construction. In the 7 issues of this publication between 31 May and 5 October npic examined 138 raw reports referred. Bundy and Rusk indicated that the group would not object to the overflights provided there were no incidents and that the routes taken over the land mass of Cuba were the shortest possible and avoided the surface-to-air missile sites.

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Sagua La Grande Area. Photography indicates that the other nine crates, located at Holguin airfield, were still unopened on 25 November and had been removed to slave lake dating site an undetermined location on 27 November. Since i was travelling in the same direction as the convoy, I passed what were the last units of the convoy at the entrance to XXX Havana Grid coord. The comparative photographic coverage indicates that, while an emergency operational capability could exist at several offensive missile sites, the Soviet objective in Cuba is to attain full operational capability at all sites as soon as possible, rather than to prepare each site for an emergency. We feel that under these circumstances the Special Group should have been informed of the factors operating to delay the four-flight coverage, and given an opportunity to reconsider the advisability of a mission over the critical target sreas urgently requiring surveillance. Former President of the United States Elder, Walter Executive Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence Forrestal, Michael. On the other hand, those few which desire the US to take decisive action against Cuba would probably consider the announcement as a disappointingly weak manifestation. To this McCone responded on September 13th as follows: "Also 1 continue to be concerned that the establishment of defensive equipment and installations is merely a prelude to the location of an offensive weapon capability and once this is done the implementation of our policy. On 24 October you briefed on the continued rapid progress in the completion of the missile sites and of the fact that 22 Soviet missile ships were en route to Cuba. We think this total will rise to about 14,000 when all weapons systems now in Cuba are operational.

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